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Pregnancy Assistant - Your Digital Coach!!!

Pregnancy Assistant - Contraction Monitor, Calculate Due Date, Contraction Intervals and Durations, ...

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Price: $10.00 US Currency

Currently available for Palm OS devices. Support for the Windows 98, 2000 and others will be available soon. If you want to be one the first to have the Windows version, please email us at

What is my baby's estimated date of delivery? Pregnancy Assistant provides means to calculate your due date or specify your due date if you already know it.
How many weeks pregnant am I? No need to use a calendar to determine your current week of pregnancy. Pregnancy Assistant will keep you informed of your current week in your pregnancy based on your expected due date.
Trying to record the starting and ending times of contractions? No need to look for a pencil, paper and a watch to keep track of the starting and ending times of your contractions. Pregnancy Assistant provides an easy to use interface to record the starting and ending times of your contractions with a push of a button.
Busy calculating the contraction intervals and durations? No need to calculate the intervals and durations of your contractions in your head, on paper or with a calculator. Pregnancy Assistant calculates each of these automatically along with averages and totals.
Are these Braxton Hicks contractions or true labor contractions? Pregnancy Assistant provides means for you to view a list of your contractions and easily see the duration and intervals between contractions. This list can be used by you and your doctor to help determine if you are having Braxton Hicks contractions or true labor contractions, therefore reducing the possibility of going to the hospital only to be sent back home.
Is it time to call the doctor and/or go to the hospital? Pregnancy Assistant will sound an alarm when your contraction rate exceeds a configurable threshold (limit), which may be your indicator to call your doctor or to start your journey to the hospital. (Your doctor should define these thresholds.)
What is my doctor's phone number? Pregnancy Assistant provides means for you to enter your Emergency Numbers so later in your pregnancy they are easily available. They are also displayed in the alarm window when your contraction rate exceeds the threshold (limit).

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