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Register Software

A registration key is required to enable all features and permanent use of the software. There are several ways you may order your registration key from us.

Purchase Registration Key


Please use our shopping cart facilities in our Software pages.

Postal Mail   

Arkel Products, Inc
4931 NW 116th Avenue
Coral Springs, Florida 33076

Please print, fill out, and send us the Order Form.


Please call us during our business hours of
Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM EST at 954.340.8122

The information that we will need when
you call is referenced in the Order Form.

Installing Registration Key

Once you receive your registration key, please follow the steps defined in the user guide that accompanied the software.

Upgrade Policy

Free updates to registered users of our products when only the minor version changes. We may charge an upgrade fee to upgrade to a new major version.

Version Number Scheme: <Major Version>.<Minor Version>
Example: 2.05 (Major Version is 2, Minor Version is 05)

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