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Pregnancy Assistant 1.00

Pregnancy Assistant - Contraction Monitor, Calculate Due Date, Contraction Intervals and Durations, ...

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Price: $10.00 US Currency

Currently available for Palm OS devices. Support for the Windows 98, 2000 and others will be available soon. If you want to be one the first to have the Windows version, please email us at

Pregnancy Assistant is an application to help you monitor the duration and intervals of your contractions. If the rate of your contractions exceed the user configurable thresholds alarms are generated. These alarms can be used as indicators to call your doctor or to start your journey to the hospital. When the alarm is displayed, key phone numbers are displayed to assist you in making the necessary call(s). In-addition to monitoring your contractions, this application can be used to calculate your due date and to keep you informed as to which week you are in your pregnancy.

Features Include:
  • Calculate Estimated Due Date
  • Keep you informed of your current week in pregnancy
  • Maintain Key Phone Numbers (Hospital, Doctor)
  • Monitor Contractions and provide real-time statistics (averages)
  • Generate Alarms when contraction rate exceeds threshold

Pregnancy Assistant is compatible with all devices running Palm OS 3.1 or above.

For additional information, please read the User Guide.

Adobe Acrobat Reader required for viewing User Guide.

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